Copyright is a form of legal protection for written works including computer software, music and recordings, dramatic works, choreographic works, photographs, paintings, graphics, sculptures, audio video works, and architectural works. Generally any creative work that can be seen, heard or touched (either directly or with the aid of a machine) is protected by copyright laws. As such Copyright can provide significant protection for a broad range of intellectual property. However, securing all of the benefits of copyright protection can be tricky and failure to take certain prescribed action can result in loss of rights.
Changes in technology have forever altered the scope of copyright law. Digital multi-media works composed of audio, video, text and graphics are quickly replacing traditional much of traditional printed matter. Computer technologies permit copyrighted materials to be sent, viewed, downloaded, copied and altered with the touch of a button. All of this has created a multitude of legal issues involved with protecting copyrighted material and avoiding infringement of works owned by others. In addition to traditional print, audio and video copyright matters, new areas such as software code, database schemata, and product design and performance specifications require specific attention.
Our copyright practice involves counseling clients to obtain protection and rights to use and profit from copyrighted material; including non-infringement clearance searches, copyright registration, protection and enforcement of rights through litigation or defenses of fair-use, and perfection of security interests in copyrightable subject matter. Additionally, we have extensive experience negotiating and drafting agreements relevant to copyrighted works, such as publisher agreements, advertising agreements, assignments and licenses, distributor contracts, and value added re-seller arrangements.